Wpf serial port control

Wpf serial port control

Use this class to control a serial port file resource. This class provides synchronous and event-driven I/O, access to pin and break states, and access to serial driver properties. Additionally, the functionality of this class can be wrapped in an internal Stream object, accessible through the BaseStream property, and passed to classes that. The software completely relies on a serial port communication with the device, so my serial port related code is very crucial. Since I read that there are a lot of problem when speakiing of lai.filesetup.pw serial port class, I would like to ask you if you think that my approach is right or not. Apr 26,  · Hi mates! I´m facing a problem with wpf. I´m tryig to read values from the serial port and show them in a textbox. Using winforms i achieved that goal. I showed the values on a textbox in a smooth way. Now I´m trying to do a cool GUI so i decided to use wpf. The problem happened when I · Eduardo, there is no guarantee that when you call. Contribute to JohnnyPP/WPF-Serial-Communication-Advanced development by creating an account on GitHub. Now before going to the main code, let me explain how it will work. Serial port communication in WPF will be carried out by the SerialPort class. We will send characters serially using this class. The buttons to be used in the UI will contain a TextBox for entering the com port .

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Hi I'm trying to program a simple C WPF that displays time information on a virtual scoreboard in real time from a timing system. I'm fairly new to programming so in depth explanation would be appreciated.

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  • I have created a new thread to handle the incoming data from the COM port and as the app is developed this data will be interpreted. For now I just wanted to display the raw information in hex that is coming from the timer into a textbox. This works but not as intended.

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    I am receiving tons of duplicate information, my only explanation is I am reading the data too slowly or its reading the same byte over and over. Possible solutions include storing the entire buffer in a list or array which I'm not quite sure of yet, I don't want to add so many threads that the program freezes everything up.

    Here is my code so far I'm new to pretty much all the code I have written here, so if anything is bad practice please let me know :. The serial port is receiving the data in its own thread, and you should read the incoming bytes in the data received handler. I propose to read the data and add it to a thread-safe FIFO list in the data received handler and read the data from the list in the main thread.

    One; comms. Even; comms. Open ; comms. Join ; comms. ToString "X2" ; Dispatcher. Show ex. Please be aware that Gui-painting, especially updating the text-content like you did extremely slow compared to usual processor tasks.

    One simple workaround is indeed using a stringbuffer and just displaying this on a separate timer.

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    What is this Timer Event does it need to go on another thread? Won't the threads have to swap on a dual core CPU and I lose data? I have worked with winforms timers before and it looks like its a similar approach.

    Wpf serial port control

    Thank you for your help! Here is one solution. Hi thanks for the response. I attempted to use your idea and it has worked to an extent, I implemented a timer to display the data, however it only displays my data for the first tick, and then when I try to stop it, the application freezes.

    The hex that I am getting through looks correct though. When you enter the timer tick handler, stop the timer before calling the routine to empty the queue. When the queue is empty and the routine returns, enable the timer again. That is what I do to make sure the timer tick event is not called too early.

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    Thank you! I was able to get it working smoothly by taking everything out of the queue and putting it into another intermediate array to prevent the deadlocking, and then using stringbuilder to display the data.

    Onto the next step! I have a timer event every 10 millisecond for an application that receives data from a micro controller. The serial port is set to baud, and the queue never gets really big, but then I queue a struct with the received characters instead of one character at a time, it makes for more efficient de-queuing. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

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    Wpf serial port control

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