Championship manager 4 best tactics on osm

Championship manager 4 best tactics on osm

The best tactics to play the game with are: , Play a flat back four (Barry and Puyol are amazing)Play one deep lying defensive midfielder (Pirlo or Xavi) two out and out wingers running straight up the line or to the penalty box (Joaquin and Overmars) and one attacking midfielder running forward (Diego or Riquelme) and two strikers (Saviola, Kluivert, Robinho or Ricardo Oliveira are all amaazing). Online Soccer Manager is a very popular game so I thought I should give the tactic another change too prove itself. This time I played with Tottenham Hotspur and tried the exact same tactics. In this post I’m going to show you what’s the result of this second opinion for the best osm tactics. Best OSM tactics. May 09,  · Download Online Soccer Manager Become the best soccer coach in the world. Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a soccer management game in which you can lead your favorite team and try to get yourself crowned as the best coach of all time. In Online Soccer Manager /5(20). Jun 19,  · I powered up my old CM 03/04 game recently and remembered there was a cheat tactic called Diablo something or other. I DO NOT want to use this tactic although I would like to know what the tactic was exactly (Formation, player and team instructions please) so . Jan 07,  · The 9 best editions of Football Manager/Championship Manager. Unlike the new versions, the AI is fairly basic and you can’t micro-manage the development of your players, but you can push through half a season in a three-hour train journey with Mike Duff, Mark Kerr and Cherno Samba as the spine of your team. There’s a lot to be said for that.

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  • I DO NOT want to use this tactic although I would like to know what the tactic was exactly Formation, player and team instructions please so I can avoid it. I have searched on google for it, but all I can find are a couple of threads from other forums just talking about it and a download from some website from Turkey. So if anyone could tell me exactly what the Tactic was I will be very grateful.

    If I recall right it was a with the central midfielder having an arrow up to the strikers?

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    I bet you're fibbing and that you really want to use it. Nah - I honestly don't want to use it, I don't see the point in cheating. I love the feeling of winning a tight game, winning nearly every match easily would be boring.

    Has anyone got a definite answer? It's definitely a MC with a loony run forward to the SC position. The defenders can't cope with it, apparently. There was a whole load of threads about it in the tactics forum here once, I don't know if they're still around.

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    Right - So a run from a central defender just forward i. EDIT: I have just checked the Training and Tactics forum and the oldest posts there are from this year - No hope for ones around four years ago.

    I dont want the link for downloading it - I dont want to use it - I just want to know what it was so i can avoid it. It is a tactic, with the central midfielder of the three running forward between the strikers. The team mentality is gung-ho and attacking trend is from the flanks, if I remember correctly. I used it many times to be honest, and it is not as effective as it's told to be.

    Yes, you win big time but not every game. Every now and then you end up losing a match, especially away from home. If you don't win every game with diablo you're a failure. If you wanna know what it was, just download it and then you will know what to avoid.

    You dont have to use it. Thats your own moral decision. But its silly to ask what it was when you have been given a link to it. I do not really understand this. You want to know what it is so you can avoid it? It's hard to imagine, if creating your own tactic, you would, by chance, create Diablo. Haha that's what i was thinking Also if you really want to know what it is I was just talking to someone about this tactic. I remember everyone talking about it when CM was out.

    Never used it myself though! I was wondering why was it called Diablo out of interest? Anyone know the reason behind that name choice? In addition to the MC with a long forward arrow to SC, didn't the 2 strikers also have side arrows to move them wide?

    This worked best against teams with a flat back 4 most AI teams as the two DCs would man mark the strikers and get pulled wide, allowing the MC a free run at goal. I still have fond memories of the tactic in CM3. It was as invincible as it was narrow. I didn't use the tactic myself and I can't really remember how it worked.

    Championship manager 4 best tactics on osm

    I just remember reading the forums at the time and people were getting crazy results with the famous 'Diablo' tactic. Doesn't work for FM I heard of it but never tried it until just, on FM12 lol and was told 'The file cannot be imported'. It was an obscene tactic- an average AMC could score 60 goals a season, whcih was great as long as you werent looking for realism. Got Alan Quinn to score an average of 5 goals a game for 4 seasons before I got bored! It really was a crazy exploit, wins of 6, 7, or 8 goals were the norm.

    I was just chatting to a friend about it and decided to search the forums for 'Diablo' to see if I could find out the reason behind the name! I used this tactic back in the day and thought I was really good at the game because I was thrashing every team in sight. Found out many years later after I got the internet that it was a flaw with the game! I always thought it was because it looked like a trident of the kind the devil is frequently depicted waving about in medieval scribbles!

    The tactic involved having 2 strikers with sideways arrows and using an AMC just behind them with a forward arrow running into the space created by the 2 strikers pulling the 2 DCs out wide. Remember Oskarsson?

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    Does this work with the 4. This tactic exploited flaws in the game which have since been fixed, so I doubt it's possible to replicate this tactic with any kind of success. There are however, other tactics which exploit areas of the ME. I would have a look in the tactics forum.

    Turns out, the CB's would mark the 2 strikers and leave the CM to run forward unguarded. You can see how the match engine would have been confused, having such a deep player suddenly turn up as a third striker with nobody to mark him.

    It was fixed eventually. I think any player, regardless of stats would be a world beater in that position. The key was the MC with the long farrow. The defenders of the opponent were drawn wide by the strikers who may have had according sarrows and left that MC with open runs on goal numerous times.

    A cheap and PA-wise really lowish player who was nevertheless amazing in that MC spot, scoring tons and tons, was Oskarsson.

    Championship manager 4 best tactics on osm

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    I am sure its the MC with a farrow inbetween 2 strikers. Sad Git. I would like to know what the tactic was exactly so I can avoid it. Super Canaries. Posted December 14, Thanks guys. Posted May 15, Using it was akin to selling your soul to the Devil. I think Bielsa used it against Man Utd.

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    Posted May 16, Was Diablo not the user name of the guy that found this ME flaw and uploaded the tactic? Anybody downloaded it and tried whether it is any good in FM12? Fabio MVP.

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    And what FrazT said about the tactic's name. Is this what the "diablo" is? Wilbraham in this screenie? Things Could Get Messi.

    Posted May 17, I did that, or something similar. Thought i was some kind of footballing God.

    The 9 best editions of Football Manager/Championship Manager

    Alas, I wasn't. Out of curiosity, has anyone created a tactic like this for FM ? Posted June 18, Posted June 19, I find the marking is a lot tighter nowadays.

    Championship manager 4 best tactics on osm

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