Forensic odontology powerpoint templates

Forensic odontology powerpoint templates

Home > PowerPoint Templates > Forensic odontology > Forensic odontology ground in a. PowerPoint Template With Forensic Odontology Ground In A Themed . CrystalGraphics brings you the world's biggest & best collection of forensic odontology PowerPoint templates. WINNER! Standing Ovation Award: "Best PowerPoint Templates" - Download your . Jan 07,  · Forensic Odontology 1. Definition • Forensic Odontology is the application of dental science to the administration of the law and the furtherance of justice. OR • The application of principles & expertise of dentistry for the purpose of law & criminal investigation. Powerpoint FORENSIC ODONTOLOGY Slides by UDMRI Download Free Medical Powerpoint Presentations. Forensic Science themed PowerPoint templates available for download. Can be used with any version of Microsoft PowerPoint software.

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    Disha Yadav. Muskan Midha. Akhil Soni. Ehsan Ahmed. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Identification of the dead and living also comes under this category. His dental findings were compared with antemortem dental records and radiographs. Ashith Acharya using forensic odontology.

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    The technique uses modern forensic DNA profiling methods to oral tissues to establish identity Forensic 2. Clinical or pathological 3.

    Anatomical 4. Problems with dental identification 1 Absence of antemortem records. Natural 2. Accidental 3. Dental offices containing antemortem records may be destroyed So odontology is a part of team. Dentist need to collect as mush information as possible in the shortest period of time.

    Technique: cooling the whole tooth to extremely low temperatures using liquid nitrogen mechanically grinding it to fine powder. Disadvantage: - tooth needs to be completely crushed. Patterns of palatal rugae: a curved, b wavy, c straight, d undetermined DNA analyses of teeth Measurement of mandibular canine width Measurement of mandibular intercanine width Aging in prenatal, neonatal and early post natal 2.

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  • Age estimation in children and adolescents and 3. Age estimation in adults Dentin translucency 3. Incremental line of cementum 4.

    FORENSIC SCIENCE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

    Amino acid racemization 5. Radiographic method of Kvaal Amount of occlusal attrition A 2. Coronal secondary dentin deposition S 3.

    Loss of periodontal attachment P 4.

    Forensic odontology powerpoint templates

    Cementum apposition at the root apex C 5. Root resorption at the apex R 6. Dentine translucency T Age was estimated using the formula Pulp-root width at the mid root level C 6. Key to optimal dental estimation Williems and associates : 1 Investigator should be sufficiently experienced 2 Second opinion is important 3 Use of multiple age estimation methods 4 Use of multiple teeth 5 Careful adherence to suggested protocol Classification of Bite Marks: A.

    Agents: a Human b Animal 2. Materials: a Skin, body tissue b Food stuff c Other materials These are generally produced by the incisal or occlusal surfaces of teeth.

    They are usually caused by anterior teeth and present as scratches or superficial abrasions. Once produced bitemarks will be evident for longer period of time in females compared to males. Bite mark cases have to be dealt step by step in the following way: 1.

    Description of bite marks. Collection of evidence from the victim.

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  • Collection of evidence from the suspect. Bite marks comparison. Description of bite marks: Both in the living and deceased victims the following vital information should be recorded.

    Photographs of the bite marks should be made immediately. Orientation photographs 2. Close-up photographs Impression of bite marks Special attention should be given to the arrangement of dentition.

    Forensic odontology powerpoint templates

    Saliva swabbing should be performed Upper and lower dental models should be prepared. Metric analysis Vernier Calipers Computer digitization method They gradually become more oblique in the incisal and occlusal third and are almost vertical in the incisal edge or the cusp tip. Rinse with water and dry the conditioned surface. A drop of acetone to be applied on to the tooth surface and covered by cellulose acetate film and left undisturbed for 20 min The area of interest was viewed under different magnifications.

    The software used recognizes and compares prints for similarities and dissimilarities. Videotapes or audiotapes may be helpful. In principle he should act only as an advisor to the court and not an advocate of either side.

    All the court exhibits should be simple and straight forward which can be understood by the judges.

    Ameloglyphics and predilection of dental caries. J Oral MaxillofacPathol ; July-September , Vol. Cheiloscopy : An aid for personal identification. J Forensic Dent Sci ; Ameloglyphics: A possible forensic tool for person identification following high temperature and acid exposure. Utility of cheiloscopy, rugoscopy, and dactyloscopy for human identification in a defined cohort.

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