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Project management tools open source

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Join the 85, open source advocates who receive our giveaway alerts and article roundups. We've done this before—but this year we've added a twist. This time, we're looking specifically at tools that support agile methodology, including related practices such as Scrum , Lean, and Kanban. The growth of interest in and use of agile is why we've decided to focus on these types of tools this year.

For this roundup, we looked at the project management tools we covered in , , and and plucked the ones that support agile, then did research to uncover any additions or changes.

Whether your organization is already using agile or is one of the many planning to adopt agile approaches in , one of these seven open source project management tools, in no particular order, may be exactly what you're looking for.

MyCollab is a suite of three collaboration modules for small and midsize businesses: project management, customer relationship management CRM , and document creation and editing software.

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There are two licensing options: a commercial "ultimate" edition, which is faster and can be run on-premises or in the cloud, and the open source "community edition," which is the version we're interested in here.

The community edition doesn't have a cloud option and is slower, due to not using query cache, but provides essential project management features, including tasks, issues management, activity stream, roadmap view, and a Kanban board for agile teams.

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While it doesn't have a separate mobile app, it works on mobile devices as well as Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Unix computers. The latest version of MyCollab is 5. The free and open source community edition has limited features compared to the paid enterprise suite. Its project management application includes a Kanban-style task-tracking view for agile teams, which was updated in its latest release, Odoo The project management tool also includes Gantt charts, tasks, issues, graphs, and more.

Odoo has a thriving community and provides user guides and other training resources. OpenProject is a powerful open source project management tool that is notable for its ease of use and rich project management and team collaboration features. Its modules support project planning, scheduling, roadmap and release planning, time tracking, cost reporting, budgeting, bug tracking, and agile and Scrum. Its agile features, including creating stories, prioritizing sprints, and tracking tasks, are integrated with OpenProject's other modules.

Its latest version, 7. As you would expect from its name, OrangeScrum supports agile methodologies, specifically with a Scrum task board and Kanban-style workflow view.

Project management tools open source

It's geared for smaller organizations—freelancers, agencies, and small and midsize businesses. The open source version offers many of the features in OrangeScrum's paid editions, including a mobile app, resource utilization, and progress tracking.

Other features, including Gantt charts, time logs, invoicing, and client management, are available as paid add-ons, and the paid editions include a cloud option, which the community version does not.

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It requires Apache, PHP 5. Its latest release, 1. According to the project's comparison of the community and enterprise editions, the open source core offers plenty of features for small and midsize organizations. Taiga is an open source project management platform that focuses on Scrum and agile development, with features including a Kanban board, tasks, sprints, issues, a backlog, and epics. Other features include ticket management, multi-project support, wiki pages, and third-party integrations.

It also offers a free mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and provides import tools that make it easy to migrate from other popular project management applications. Taiga is free for public projects, with no restrictions on either the number of projects or the number of users.

For private projects, there is a wide range of paid plans available under a "freemium" model, but, notably, the software's features are the same, no matter which type of plan you have. The latest release, 3. Tuleap is an application lifecycle management ALM platform that aims to manage projects for every type of team—small, midsize, large, waterfall, agile, or hybrid—but its support for agile teams is prominent.

Project management tools open source

Notably, it offers support for Scrum, Kanban, sprints, tasks, reports, continuous integration, backlogs, and more. Other features include issue tracking, document tracking, collaboration tools, and integration with Git, SVN, and Jenkins, all of which make it an appealing choice for open source software development projects.

Tuleap is licensed under GPLv2.

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  • You can also get the source code for its latest version, 9. The trouble with this type of list is that it's usually out of date as soon as it's published.

    Collaborative Project Management

    Or do you have feedback on the ones we mentioned? Please leave a comment below. I think OrangeScrum is better among all of them. This project management software give you the possibility to work the way you prefer, if your company is big you can have a team working with agile methodologies and another team working with the WBS method.

    Both in the same application. Thanks for the review.

    Data security and privacy is our highest priority.

    Agile is a great methodology and time has shown that it's efficient and more 'human', we all win from using it. Nice curated software. Top 7 open source project management tools for agile teams Top 7 open source project management tools for agile teams.

    In this roundup of open source project management tools, we look at software that helps support Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methods. Image by :. Do you use a dedicated project management tool?

    Choices Yes. Topics Project management. About the author.

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    Top 7 open source project management tools for agile teams

    Jason Baker. Recommended reading Testing Small Scale Scrum in the real world. Small Scale Scrum vs. Large Scale Scrum.

    Project Management Software

    What are the principles of Small Scale Scrum? Introducing the Small Scale Scrum framework. The Small Scale Agile Manifesto. Olivier Berger on 02 Feb Permalink. What do you think? The Doctor on 06 Feb Permalink. I've been using Kanboard for about a year now, and I find it quite useful.

    Top 7 Web Open Source Project Management Tools

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