Convert chinese pdf to english

Convert chinese pdf to english

Chinese Simplified and Traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Online & Free Convert Scanned Documents and Images in chinese simplified and traditional language into Editable Word, Pdf, Excel and Txt (Text) output formats. We strive to support all major Office document formats in standard use today. This includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OpenOffice, text, and SRT formats. We also intend to introduce support for the PDF file format in the near future. Choose the language you want to translate the document to Select Translate If the document is too large for Google Translate, try an online converter service like Dec 10,  · This software offers a solution for users who want to translate English to Chinese and vice versa. Text can be loaded from a file and the translation pair (Chinese to Arabic or Chinese to English Subcategory: Language and Translators. May 26,  · Just downloaded Adobe Acrobat DC bc I need to convert PDF to Word docs. But I need it to recognize Chinese Simplified and Traditional. I have a mac and only found download for language packs for Windows.

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Chinees Vereenvoudigd en Traditioneel nl

Need help to translate chinese pdf file to english hi experts,,, I have a pdf file containning pages, all in Chinese language.

Is there anyway I can translate those in to English? I did google and found one software called TransWhiz , its costly , anyone have experience with this software?. Is there any other good software or any other way i can translate this to english? Thanks in advance.

Convert chinese pdf to english

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Convert chinese pdf to english

Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL 3. TransWhiz doesn't translate. It needs. So first you must convert. LVL 1. Start Today!

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  • Great English to Chinese translation programs. Transtar 6. LVL Commented: Are we reverse engineering something invented in China?

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  • I certainly hope so. Well, as a chinese, I should able to help you!

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  • There are 2 chinese written scripts. Simplfy and traditional. You can try out babel fish translation from altavista. ONLY if you have for example internet explorer with the correct language packages so that you can copy paste from pdf to the website!!

    I can help you the following send me your mail adress, and I will reply you an address so you can send me that PDF file I can read and I can tell if it's written in simplify or traditional scripts. I can help you to translate the index hope it's a short one : and help you further using altavista! You may need to use some good chin. If needed, I will help you to translate a chapter which is most important to you. Let me know what and how I can help you. Regards, JB. Gimme one more week before i close this thread,, sorry once again for the delay.

    The only thing remaining is , i have to find which script of chinese i have Simplfy and traditional. I was very busy last couple of weeks and i could not send him the file yet, thats what i said in my previos comment that i need a weeks time to close this thread, If you still want me to delete or close this thread within 4 days, please let me know , i will do that by giving points to sirjb As i told you i was busy, still busy to make things going after the holidays, Please gimme a weeks time to get back to sirjb..

    Hi, My solution to this posted question is to use the website babel fish translation from altavista. I think it's a good , reliable and very practical solution and therefore deserve the points. BUT When using this website, user must choose to translate from "trandition" or "simplify" written chinese.

    And that is why I am offering my help to recive his PDF which is bigger than 1 mb and can't post here by mail, then read it and help him to determinated if the doc is written in trad.

    Hoe is tekst in chinees taal te herkennen?

    Maybe it's written in Japanes. Yes, I am still for his PDF. Once I get it, I will read it and tell him what it is all about. If any of you have more questions, like how reliable is the altavista. Regards, William. Hi deepthiji, I got you mail and read the doc.

    It's written in simpilfy chinese.

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    Although the altavista. But your document was written in a typical bussiness language for chinese. A document like this full with special business terms is just too difficult for any translate program.

    If this document is really important to you, I suggest you to give it to a real translate agent to do the job. It will cost you money but at least it's correct and you can read it! Good luck wit it! Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. Hi, I made a mistake, I can read chin.

    So I pasted some chin. It's more than this solution.

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