Aria pro ii serial dating

Aria pro ii serial dating

Apr 01,  · The serial number suggests built in the Samick plant, Korea in or possibly My understanding is that the serial numbers for Korean Aria Pro 2's follows the same rules as for the Epiphones. My view is that the Korean Aria Pro guitars are sleepers just as the MIJ ones were in . Apr 26,  · Typically Matsumoku made Aria / Aria Pro II basses can be deciphered as such: If the 1st Number is a 6 or Less ad to it and that is the year. If it is 7 or Greater add to it and that is the year. Aria started serial numbering their basses in 77, and I believe the Matsumoku factory came to an end in , so this "Method" is pretty safe. The Aria Pro II bass guitar has proved just as popular as its six-string cousins too, and you can find most of the Aria Pro II guitar range easily thanks to the large inventory on eBay. Shop the large inventory of musical instruments and gear including vintage Aria electric guitars! Aria pro ii serial dating. But nothing i hope some are still monitoring this old post a. Of a series of aria pro guitars serial numbers date. Hayashi is a serial number. Aria pro ii was made. Set neck, with a From to matsumoku made in the 90s. If one exists. Purchase: aria pro ii ta, aria pro . In any case, I gathered some info on various Aria Pro II (Korea) guitars, their serial numbers and their (claimed) year of production. I hate maths, so I'll let you decypher their system. On the page linked below (warm-up your Google Translator) we have guitars with serial numbers and claimed dates of production: S= S=

Aria pro ii serial dating

Here is a bit of information I found while searching for information about my Aria Ariana A Classical Guitar, which you Aria owners may find beneficial. By the way, I still don't the actual age of mine. In the mid 70's, serial numbers began to be used. At least for Aria guitars, made by Matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits, thus a guitar from would have a serial number, such as The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from to Rumor has it, although I can't find confirmation, that the Indonesian factory was thought to be to be an Indonesian "slave" factory.

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If anyone has information on the age of the A, I'd appreciate it. My A sounds better than my Yahama C Related Instruments: See this report if you are thinking about buying a Classical Guitar. I have a Aria single cut Les Pauls style guitar. I would like to know how to read the serial number as for manufacturing date.

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  • Hello i recently acquired an Aria Diamond body that was gutted the only way i knew what it was is because of a label on the inside of it but where it say serial number it is blank i really want to rebuild it but need to know what model it is so i can get the right parts for it any help would be greatly appreciated I don't know how to post pictures but I can if somebody tells me how thank you. Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my request.

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  • I love the way it plays. I would like to find out the date of manufacture. Furthermore, I was wondering what a fair resale value it would bring. There are a few chips on the back, otherwise, great shape. Thank you for your input! Welcome all! I'm going to buy the Aria bass jazz bass type.

    The serial number for this instrument is Can anyone help me determine the date of production? I just bought a used Aria guitar. It says "The Sandpiper" on the front of the headstock and has the serial number G stamped on the back. It also has a laser-cut closed sound hole and it is acoustic electric.

    I recently got this guitar no nothing about it. Can't seem to find it online.

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    Date of manufacture? I have an Aria Maestro MR that was made in It has a solid spruce top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. I am wondering how much the guitar is worth. Thank you. I have one also. I bought it in early 's. I've been trying to find out how much it's worth for a long time. No luck yet! Please let me know if you get any info. I have an Aria 12 string in great condition with a few scufs but no other damage. I cant find any info online about it. Its AA ser any info on my guitar would be helpful thank you.

    The serial is , made in Japan of course. I would really like to know what year it was made. Anyone can help?

    Aria pro ii serial dating

    Thanks in advance. Does anyone know where I can find this information? I inhered a pw 70, it is wery hard to find anything abaut it. I Wonder hove many were produced I know it is rear and from Japan. It is in rosewood and have the Three of life on the neck and the back is tree pice. Hi , I have had one for 40 years and bought it second hand, in about Someone told me it is the first model , very few like our were made, normally they are fairly standard, without the fancy woods and inlay.

    They could have been special orders, regards Mike. The Serial Number is Looks like the serial number is a small pasted sticker within the larger ARIA label which says handmade in Spain and supervised by Shiro Arai?

    Can't figure out the date of manufacture. Thank you ahead of time for your response!

    How to Date an Aria Guitar

    I have come to own an Aria solid body guitar. I looked on Aria's web site and determined it might be a PE-R80 from the pictures, Has four knobs and a really odd, lg headstock.

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    The serial is on a plate on the back of the body right below the neck- Can you tell me anything about this guitar??? Thank you very much!!

    Dating Aria Guitars

    Just bought this repaired guitar from a thrift shop this aft. The sound is beautiful and volume high. Lucky for me the repair to the bridge is not subtle but it is successful. Any info on this hand crafted, made in Japan, A? I have an Aria Custom guitar serial number model number. The model number is faded but it looks like a W to start off. Can you give me more infor on this guitar. Oh yeah the guitar pick guard has drawings on it on top a butterfly and flowers on the bottom looks like a cutaway shape on the pick guard.

    How can I know when it was made and its value? AC 50 and higher are the beginning g of mass production Aria's of any value. I have an Aria A classical guitar. No serial number is listed but I found the number stamped on the heel of the guitar.

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  • It was old when it was given to me. Still sounds great. Would like to know when it was mafe. For those who have been researching the Aria serial number puzzle this may add to the conundrum.

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    While trawling the internet I came across an Aria with the same serial number as mine. I bought my guitar new from a music shop between to , it may be older as it could have been displayed in the window for some length of time before I purchased it, with a serial number and model number A The one I found on the internet with the same serial number does not show the model number clearly on the photograph.

    If anyone is interested I will email the photographs. Wonderful tone and loads of volume. Any information regarding this instrument would be appreciated.

    Please contact me at the above email address. Paul Dossett. I was just given an Aria acoustic Don't know a thing about it. The bridge has fallen off I do have it. Wondering is it worth fixing. Looked inside and it says Serial No.

    Aria Pro II Guitar

    I just acquired a Mdl. A ser. Use only a reputable luthier for the bridge to"fall" off typically means that it got heated to degrees F. Best of luck to you. Serial no It has the numbers , stamped into the heel on the inside of guitar. Solid top, possibly cedar? Top of Headstock looks like a Japanese temple with a notch in the middle.

    Not sure of age, or maker, could be a Royji Matsuoka?